DICE is the platform's utility and governance token, holding the token unlocks a variety of benefits.

Token Information

Party Dice can be found on the Arbitrum One network. The token is live for trading on Sushi Swap, and the v2 token was airdropped (or claimable) to holders in Q1 2023. V1 allowed for token bets directly against the contract via minting and burning with a house edge. DICE v2 expanded greatly on the model and routes the revenue to the people.

DICE V2 Information

DICE V2 was airdropped to DICE holders at 1:1 amount and value. It still operates off of a mint and burn system for betting. DICE V2 is also entitled to future staking rewards of the polytoken system. Since the launch of Party Dice, drastic improvements have been made to the system: • Quantum RNG • Drastically improved fulfillment speed • Multibetting • Staking, Vesting • Player-owned-profits • Modularity • Referral model • Points The token contract is divided into modular pieces which allow for future proofing and an expanded feature set. Dice V2 token will be the core contract, and it will interact with modular betting contracts, the points contract, and the referrals contract. V2 is due for release with a 1:1 airdrop to DICE v1 holders.

DICE V1 Launch and Stats

Party Dice ($DICE) v1 was launched in November 2022 on Arbitrum One network. 100% of the token supply was added to liquidity against 0.1 ETH. DICE v1 uses the RF contract supplied by Treasure Dao. • Initial supply 1,000,000 tokens • 2% buy, 8% sell tax -- 4:1 liq:dev ratio • 10% house edge on rolls • Max wallet at launch - 1% The token was initially launched as a "public test" for the future full implementation. Due to the nature of the test's "success", Party Dice was be upgraded to a v2 system.

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