The house always wins.

RISKY.LOL is the leading trustless player-owned casino platform

RISKY.LOL is creating a new standard of decentralized staking and gaming in the web3 space. Launch centered on Arbitrum One; RISKY.LOL intends to expand to all chains as the de-facto DeFi house standard.

Our platform is like no other

Decentralization: The full risky stack hinges on decentralized processes - all results and sources are verifiable on chain. • Player-owned Model: The house liquidity consists of user-staked positions, and house rewards belong to the stakers in kind. • Casino Factory: Risky's platform enables any ERC20 token to be staked and/or bet with. Modeled after the Uniswap factory system, RISKY.LOL will be able to cater to any community and drive powerful volume. • Referrals: Users are given a sizable rebate on house edge in exchange for referrals. A discount is applied for using a referral code, and payments are sent to referrers for bringing volume.

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